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Personalized lessons

Notice that, in this new environment, students are presented with new things to learn in a fundamentally different way: they are given lessons that they themselves personalize. The lessons are all personalized so that drill and practice (aka homework) is actually embedded into the lesson itself. Because of this, the student is constantly tested on what they are learning and corrections to mistakes are made instantly.

Teachers become mentors; they help each student with the problems each is having, instead of focusing on giving mass adoption lessons to everyone. They also do not have to focus on grading boring homework assignments.

And instead of focusing on giving the same test to all students, we'll be able to assess students who are creative and mentor those creative skills. We'll let others who are more quantitatively oriented migrate toward science and engineering. And we won't own this process; it will definitely be adopted worldwide over the coming decades.

We should see the change toward personalized education using mobile technology in place as we migrate into the 22nd century.

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