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ShowStoppers for the Mobile Holidays event

On Tuesday evening, October 5th, I attended ShowStoppers for the Mobile Holidays, an event run by my good friends Steve, Dave and Bob Leon. They had a number of good companies attending to meet with invited press and analysts. Here's a quick summary of those I met:

1. AdelaVoice: StartTalking allows you to send text messages and listen to incoming text messages as they arrive, reply to messages, post to Twitter and Facebook, etc.

2. aisle411: There's always one meeting that you have that turns out, unexpectedly, to be a real surprise. aisle411 solves the constant problem we all have when visiting large retail stores such as Home Depot and grocery stores: How do you find things? aisle411 is generating databases of item locations in stores, plus gaining input from users, to make finding items easier. Clearly, they can then offer coupons as a way to make money. I especially liked their grocery list that then turns into a routing map of the store.

3. Damaka: I met with Ramesh Chaturvedi, Chief Strategy Officer. These folks have a cool technology solution that allows three to four people to share a voice conference call. The bandwidth management is certainly challenging but they have a good solution. Video conferencing is not widely accepted, but is gaining interest due to FaceTime being introduced on the iPhone 4. Some people are rather frightened about showing their image while talking. This application is focused on the enterprise and could help migrate expensive desktop video solutions to mobile.

4. DeviceAnywhere: I met with Leila Modarres, Vice President of Marketing. The company has racks of mobile phones and connectivity that allows enterprise and consumer developers to remotely test their applications on a number of different phones.

5. F-Secure: You're seeing more attention to security in mobile due to the migration of phones to being small computer systems. F-Secure showed off Mobile Security 6, their security software.