Samsung Galaxy S9 Expected to Headline Mobile World Congress 2018

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Samsung Galaxy S9 Expected to Headline Mobile World Congress 2018

Mobile World Congress has become the go-to place for smartphone and tablet to showcase their latest devices. It looks like an impressive wave of new models that will wash will land at the show that kicks off on Feb. 26. The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Sony’s Xperia XZ Pro are expected to make their debut during the show. There will also be a lot of discussion about rising mobile trends, including artificial intelligence and face scanning as a device security features. It certainly wouldn’t be Mobile World Congress without plenty of talk about new smartwatches. Read on to learn more what will be the talk of MWC 2018. 

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Samsung Galaxy S9, S9+ Will Headline the Show

The Samsung’s Galaxy S9 is expected to be the biggest smartphone announcement at the show. The handset is expected to have a 5.8-inch screen, run on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 with a handset design that’s nearly identical to last year’s model.  The larger Galaxy S9+ is also expected to make a showing and could come with a 6.2-inch screen. Unlike the Galaxy S9, the Galaxy S9+ might also add a dual-lens camera on the back.

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Look for the Xperia XZ Pro to Show Up at Sony’s Party

Sony might try to steal some of Samsung’s thunder at MWC. The company has already confirmed plans to hold an event on Feb. 26 where it could announce the Xperia XZ Pro, a high-end smartphone that would compete with Samsung’s Galaxy S9. Like the Samsung models, the XZ Pro could come with the Snapdragon 845. It could be flanked by several other Xperia announcements, including midrange devices for those on a budget.

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Pushing the Screen Technology Envelope

Nearly every smartphone maker is looking for new ways to put larger, sharper and more durable screens in their devices. At MWC this year, expect device makers to showcase handsets featuring organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screens. It’s also likely that they’ll show off midrange and high-end smartphones with screen resolutions that top out at 4K.

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There Will Be Plenty of Talk About Virtual Assistants

Virtual personal assistants have quickly become must-have features in mobile devices as well as computers of all types. Samsung is expected to unveil an improved Bixby in this year’s Galaxy S9 and Google Assistant has been getting regular improvements. Amazon’s Alexa, has been migrating beyond Amazon’s own devices and could show up in other device makers’ smartphones and tablets at MWC.

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Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 Processor to Star at MWC

Qualcomm has already confirmed that it will show off the Snapdragon 845 processor, its latest and fastest chipset at this year’s show. The processor is expected to power the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+, but might also be featured in devices from Sony, LG, and others soon. Although it will be designed primarily to power smartphones, the Snapdragon 845 could also improve the performance of tablets.

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Handset Makers Will Show Off Dual Front-Facing Cameras

In 2017 several smartphone vendors introduced handset with dual front-facing cameras. The feature improves the quality of selfie snaps and video calls with friends. But so far it’s a feature that Apple doesn’t offer in its iPhones. As result you will see multiple smartphone makers showing off dual front-facing cameras at the show.

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Android Smartphones With 2D Face Scanners Will Go on Display

According to several reports, Android smartphone vendors have been trying to get 3D facial scanning like Apple’s Face ID to work on their products. But so far, technological and cost barriers have thwarted their efforts. At this year’s show, look for several devices to come with face scanning that is limited to 2D imaging. For now, Apple is the only company that has been able to figure out how to deliver 3D scanning.

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Device Makers Will Pack More AI Apps Into Latest Models

According to some rumors, Samsung’s biggest mobile device software enhancement for 2018 could come in the form of applications including digital assistant driven by artificial intelligence. But Samsung won’t be the only device maker showing off AI applications. These applications will increasingly show up in smartphones, tablets and hybrid notebooks from multiple manufacturers to anticipate user actions, serve up content users care about and help users organize their lives.

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Look for a Flurry of Tablet Announcements

Tablet says have been declined for the past several years as users slowed their refresh pace and considered alternatives like two-in-one hybrids notebooks. But in recent quarters, tablet sales have been surging, suggesting there’s renewed consumer and enterprise interest in tablets. If that’s the case, look for a flurry announcements of new tablets in a variety of sizes and configurations.

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Smartwatches Will Be Plentiful

There will be no shortage of smartphone announcements at MWC. Android device makers will showcase successors last year’s products while companies such as Fitbit will continue to focus on fitness trackers. There’s also a good chance that old-line analog watchmakers will show off their latest digital watch-smartwatch hybrids to appeal to more fashion-conscious consumers.

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HTC U11 Eyes’ Dual Front Cameras, Large Battery Take Center Stage

The HTC U11 Eyes is a follow on model to the U11 handset that HTC released in May 2017 that delivers high-quality dual front-facing cameras that not only takes sharp photos, but also supports facial scanning security features.
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