10 Android Apps to Bring With You When You Travel

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Traveling around the world can be daunting. The traveler must worry about getting to the airport on time, ensuring that the flight isn't delayed and getting to the hotel safely—and with all of his or her luggage. Traveling, in other words, is no simple task. And the number of pitfalls and stresses and headaches that emerge from it can be enough to stop some people from ever leaving their hometown. But for those of us who are either willing to take that on or simply must travel for work, handling the many pitfalls that go along with traveling is a part of life. And trying to minimize the impact those headaches can have is something that every person wants to do. Luckily, several Android applications are available through the Google Play marketplace that allow them to achieve that goal. Developers from around the world understand that traveling can be a pain, and they've created a wide array of programs that make traveling around the U.S. and abroad much easier. Flip through the following slides to find out about the Android apps you should bring with you when you travel.

  • 10 Android Apps to Bring With You When You Travel

    by Don Reisinger
    1 - 10 Android Apps to Bring With You When You Travel
  • FlightTrack

    One of the biggest pains when traveling is a flight delay. But actually finding out why a flight is delayed and seeing where you are on your current plane to see if you'll make the connecting flight isn't simple. FlightTrack attempts to solve that by providing precise location information, estimated arrival times and other key information, like a connecting flight's gate. It's nice and full-featured for $4.99.
    2 - FlightTrack
  • TripIt Travel Organizer

    The TripIt Travel Organizer is ideal for the busy traveler who wants to have their entire itinerary in one place. The app, which is available for $3.99, tracks flights, shows directions to hotels, and provides information on car rentals and restaurant reservations. For $3.99, it's worth it.
    3 - TripIt Travel Organizer
  • PolyClock World Clock

    Have a serious case of jet lag? If so, downloading PolyClock, which is available for $2.99 in the Google Play marketplace, might be a good idea. The application provides full time zone information and tells you what time it is wherever you are. It's a handy feature.
    4 - PolyClock World Clock
  • GasBuddy

    As GasBuddy's name might suggest, the free application has everything to do with gasoline. But the nice thing about it is that it automatically finds a person's location and directs them to the stations that have the cheapest gas. It's a great app for road warriors.
    5 - GasBuddy
  • Yelp

    Yelp is one of the more popular applications in the online world for good reason: It provides reliable user reviews to all kinds of places, including restaurants. So, if you're on the road and you need to bring a client to a nice place to eat, checking Yelp first might be a good idea. Best of all, it's a free download.
    6 - Yelp
  • Waze

    Waze is one of the hottest mobile apps right now because it does something special: It uses the collective insight of its more than 40 million users, and asks them to share traffic information around their locations. That data helps users find out where they should and shouldn't go to get to their destination most quickly. It's a hugely popular app and it's free. What's better than that?
    7 - Waze
  • Kayak

    Kayak's free Android app is a must-have for anyone who wants to search quickly for flights or car rentals from their mobile handset. The app also allows for comparing all of those deals to find the best option. Kayak is a great app.
    8 - Kayak
  • YP Local Search

    YP Local Search is similar to Yelp, in that it allows users to find out about the places around their location. However, it doesn't leverage user reviews in the same fashion. Still, with more than 18 million businesses included in its listing, it'll allow you to find just about anything. Plus, it's free.
    9 - YP Local Search
  • Hotel Tonight

    Hotel Tonight is a popular, free Android app that allows users to find last-minute deals on hotels in 12 countries. Its rating of 4.5 stars out of five indicates that it works really well—and gets folks the best deals.
    10 - Hotel Tonight
  • Sygic: GPS Navigation

    Although there are certainly better navigation applications available in the Google Play marketplace, the vast majority of those are expensive. Sygic, on the other hand, provides full GPS navigation for free. The navigation services won't blow your socks off, but those looking for a deal will find it with Sygic.
    11 - Sygic: GPS Navigation

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