10 Best iOS Mapping Applications for Your iPhone or iPad

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With the launch of Google Maps running natively on the iPad, it's a good time to look at some of the latest mapping applications that are available for popular mobile devices. When Google Maps was bundled with iOS, it was an easy decision for those who wanted to find their way from point A to point B. However, with Google Maps now replaced by Apple's own mapping software, Maps, many iOS users are trying to determine which mapping application will best satisfy their needs. But determining what map application is the best for your needs isn't as simple as some might believe. There are hundreds of mapping applications available in the App Store, and most of those programs work extremely well. To make matters worse, different users have different needs, leading them to take extra time to make a decision. In other words, picking the right mapping application isn't as simple as it looks. So, in the following slides, eWEEK highlights some of the best and most popular examples. The following applications are outstanding options for just about any iOS user. But you might find one or two that are the best fit for you.

  • 10 Best iOS Mapping Applications for Your iPhone or iPad

    by Don Reisinger
    1 - 10 Best iOS Mapping Applications for Your iPhone or iPad
  • Google Maps

    Google Maps is easily the best mapping application in this roundup. The program includes the ability to set up points of interest, find directions, and access all kinds of company pages and listings. Plus, it's free in Apple's App Store.
    2 - Google Maps
  • MapQuest

    Although MapQuest was once the dominant force in online mapping, the company's product gave way to Google Maps and the search giant's product has never looked back. Still, MapQuest for iOS is quite responsive and accurate, delivering turn-by-turn directions across the U.S., as well as free voice-guided instructions. The app also integrates points of interest. Like Google Maps, it's free.
    3 - MapQuest
  • Magellan RoadMate

    The Magellan RoadMate is expensive at $44.99. However, customers get the full Magellan GPS system built into the application, as well as turn-by-turn voice guidance, Yelp integration and ratings on points of interest. It's a nice option for those who have Magellan GPS units and can't get enough of them.
    4 - Magellan RoadMate
  • Waze

    Waze, a mobile crowd-sourcing application, takes data from users around the country and incorporates that into its navigation system. By doing so, users will find information on current traffic, whether they should take alternate routes and more. Waze essentially brings social features to GPS. And the result is an outstanding—and free—app.
    5 - Waze
  • Bing Maps

    Bing Maps is integrated as part of the Bing application in iOS. The free feature provides full access to Bing Maps and allows users to find directions, get a bird's-eye view of certain areas and more. Microsoft has tried to get app makers to integrate Bing Maps into their programs, but until the platform can match Google Maps, that'll be a tall order.
    6 - Bing Maps
  • Scout GPS

    Scout GPS, like the other options in this roundup, provides full access to maps and navigation. However, it adds a bit more flavor by taking data from over 100 million traffic sources to tell people where they should go and what direction will get them to a particular location fastest. It's a free application, making it all the more appealing.
    7 - Scout GPS
  • Garmin USA

    Garmin has long been the king of in-car GPS, and the company's mobile application certainly helps it maintain that legacy. The application includes the familiar Garmin product design, as well as a Street View-like image of what's ahead. The application provides full tracking and turn-by-turn directions, but be aware that it's a little costly at $39.99.
    8 - Garmin USA
  • Navigon North America

    Navigon North America is another expensive application, costing customers $44.99. For that price, however, users will find the company's full GPS feature set, as well as the ability to see Street View images and get 3D directions to wherever they want to go. Whether Navigon's app can justify the high price tag, however, is up for debate.
    9 - Navigon North America
  • TomTom

    If Magellan, Garmin and Navigon are all competing in the mobile-GPS game, certainly TomTom should get in on the action, right? The navigation company's $44.99 application comes with the same software design as that found in its in-car GPS, and it comes with full support for turn-by-turn directions. TomTom offers a solid product for travelers.
    10 - TomTom
  • Apple Maps

    It's hard to write up a feature on mapping applications in iOS and not include the program that comes bundled with the software, Apple Maps. The application got off to a rough start last year, but things have improved slightly over the last several months. Apple promises better 3D support, more accurate listings and some new features in the coming months, but until then, Apple's Maps probably won't satisfy the average user's needs.
    11 - Apple Maps

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