10 iOS Apps to Take With You on Summer Vacation

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With the kids now out of school and many companies around the globe watching their employees get antsy to leave the office on Fridays to enjoy the weekend, summer is upon us. With summer comes vacation time when families hit the road, enjoy some beaches and relax away from the daily grind of work. It's the time of year that everyone just can't wait to reach. But these days when people head out on vacation, few are actually cut off from the office or home. When people travel, they're bringing their smartphones and tablets with them to run applications that allow them to plug into the office or enjoy some entertainment while enjoying their downtime. It's rare to see people only relaxing at the beach, reading hard-copy editions of their favorite books. Now, they're most likely to spend their time tapping away on an iPhone or iPad. It's a good time to offer up a refresher on some of the must-have apps for summer travel. The following applications will encompass some of the things people want on vacation—a mix of work, location-based awareness and fun. With that in mind, downloading these apps would be a fine idea.

  • 10 iOS Apps to Take With You on Summer Vacation

    by Don Reisinger
    1 - 10 iOS Apps to Take With You on Summer Vacation
  • WhatsApp Text Messenger

    Spending cash on text messaging can get expensive when away from home. To alleviate that issue, consider downloading the WhatsApp Messenger. The 99-cent application works across platforms, including iOS and Android, and allows users to send text, photos, videos and audio notes to others. It's a nicely useful program.
    2 - WhatsApp Text Messenger
  • Twitter's Vine Video-Sharing App

    Twitter's Vine is a great tag-along application to record and share fun memories from your vacation. The application is available for free in Apple's App Store, and allows users to record short videos that can then be moved to the Web. It's a fun application to have on a summer vacation.
    3 - Twitter's Vine Video-Sharing App
  • TripIt Travel Organizer

    Although there's a free version of TripIt Travel Organizer, that option comes with annoying ads. For just 99 cents, users can download the ad-free version, which comes with all the same features—full travel organizing, map information and access to tickets—without the annoying ads. The TripIt Travel Organizer is arguably one of the most useful applications in this roundup.
    4 - TripIt Travel Organizer
  • Hotels.com Room Reservations

    Some folks like to travel the world without having set plans. For those adventurers, it's a great idea to download Hotels.com. The free application allows users to search for hotels, view results on a map and get great, last-minute deals.
    5 - Hotels.com Room Reservations
  • Office Mobile for Office 365

    Office Mobile for Office 365 might have taken a long time to get to iOS, but the application is an absolute necessity. The free application allows users to access and edit Word documents, Excel spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentations while they are on the go. Best of all, it's free.
    6 - Office Mobile for Office 365
  • Dropbox Online File Storage

    Dropbox is a handy application for the average workaholic who just can't seem to get away from the office. The application, which is free, allows users to download and upload large files. In many cases, companies need folks to review large files. The best way to access those files is with Dropbox.
    7 - Dropbox Online File Storage
  • Angry Birds Star Wars

    Looking for a little fun in your life? If so, try out the 99-cent Angry Birds Star Wars. The game is hugely addicting and would be a fun complement to a nice, quiet day on the beach. The game offers the same slingshot birds and mean pigs, but sets the entire game in the Star Wars universe. It's a great, fun game to bring with you on a trip.
    8 - Angry Birds Star Wars
  • Google Maps

    Who really wants to use Apple's Maps? The software was a dog to begin with and still fails to offer the quality of mapping users can find in Google Maps. So, it's a good idea to download Google Maps before leaving on a trip. The free application is the best mobile mapping application available.
    9 - Google Maps
  • Waze Social GPS

    Although there are several GPS applications available, the Waze Social GPS might be one of the better options. Rather than rely on simple navigation information, Waze doubles as a social network, allowing users to share with others where there's heavy traffic, an accident or even posted police officers. It's a handy app to have when driving around in places you're not familiar with. Plus, it's free.
    10 - Waze Social GPS
  • Find My iPhone

    Apple's Find My iPhone application is an important one for those who are traveling around the globe and have a tendency to forget where they placed things. The Find My iPhone app, which is free, allows users to quickly find out where their iPhone (or iPad) is, and see it on a map. So, if you leave it at the restaurant, you'll be able to figure out exactly where it is and go back to pick it up. It's a very important tool.
    11 - Find My iPhone

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