10 Smart Watch Alternatives to Apple's iWatch Vaporware

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Smart watches have been around for quite some time. In fact, they date back to the old calculator watches that some scientists and tech geeks wore back in the 1990s. Today though, smart watches are smarter than ever. The devices are capable of connecting to smartphones, feature touch screens, and can deliver to users all kinds of useful information. In other words, they're far more appealing than those old calculator watches. Still, smart watches were ignored as geeky novelties in a niche technology market over the years because no major companies were investing in the category. That is, until rumors started surfacing that Apple was planning to launch a smart watch of its own, called iWatch. The iPhone maker has yet to actually confirm that the device exists, and for well over a year, the rumor mill has been saying it'll launch sooner rather than later. As of this writing, however, it's little more than vaporware. So, rather than waste time waiting for Apple's iWatch, why not take a look at the smart watches that are already available? Apple's iWatch might never launch, but that doesn't matter; there are some nice products are already on store shelves. Take a look at some of the other currently available smart watches n this eWEEK slide show.

  • 10 Smart Watch Alternatives to Apple's iWatch Vaporware

    by Don Reisinger
    1 - 10 Smart Watch Alternatives to Apple's iWatch Vaporware
  • Kreyos Smartwatch

    The Kreyos Smartwatch made a mark on the technology world over at Indiegogo — a place where the community can invest in a particular project. The technology allows for hands-free communication with gesture and voice control. In addition to reading the time, users can check out e-mails, place phone calls, and perform other tasks. The watch starts at $119.
    2 - Kreyos Smartwatch
  • Sony MN2SW

    The Sony MN2SW is designed to work with Android-based devices. The touch screen device allows users to check out applications, listen to music, and add Android-based applications by downloading them from the Google Play marketplace. Although it retails for $150, it's available on Amazon for just $94.
    3 - Sony MN2SW
  • Sony LiveView Bluetooth Phone Remote

    Another Sony product, the LiveView Bluetooth Phone Remote connects wirelessly to Android-based devices via Bluetooth technology. With that, users can place calls, send out text messages, and use all of the other functions available on a smartphone. And although its suggested retail price if $74.95, online shoppers can find it for as little as $22.99.
    4 - Sony LiveView Bluetooth Phone Remote
  • Nike+ SportWatch

    Judging by its name, it shouldn't surprise anyone that the Nike+ SportWatch is made for athletes. The device is designed to be a GPS system first, with full integration of TomTom's GPS functionality. The Nike+ feature tracks progress, measures beats per minute, and performs all kinds of other health-related evaluations. Oh, and it takes time. Not bad for a device that sets customers back $169.
    5 - Nike+ SportWatch
  • Pebble SmartWatch

    The Pebble SmartWatch is one of the most interesting inclusions in this roundup. The device was made popular on Kickstarter, where it raised boatloads of cash. Pebble connects wirelessly to an iPhone or Android-based smartphone and transmits practically all of the information on that device to its display. In addition, the device can be used as a clock, a rangefinder, a way to track distance, and much, much more. It sets customers back $150.
    6 - Pebble SmartWatch
  • MW08 Waterproof Stainless Steel Watch

    The MW08 Waterproof Stainless Steel Watch is designed to work underwater. But what's interesting about it is that it comes with a stainless steel wristband, making it match a bit better with today's fashionable styles. In addition, the device is a fully compatible GSM phone, meaning users can place calls right from the watch. Plus, at $109.99, it's one of the cheapest unlocked phones anyone will find.
    7 - MW08 Waterproof Stainless Steel Watch
  • E4worlds I3 Watch

    The E4worlds I3 Watch is bulky, but that's only because it comes with a 1.8-inch touch screen that's capable of displaying call information, e-mail messages, and applications. Better yet, it has a camera and allows users to place calls over GSM networks. It comes with an awfully strong feature set for $79.99.
    8 - E4worlds I3 Watch
  • GSM Quadband Voice Dialing Watch

    Those customers looking for a flashy device won't find much to like in the GSM Quadband Voice Dialing Watch. However, those who want to place calls with its physical keyboard will like it quite a bit. It would be nice if the device came with a touch screen, but for $60, customers shouldn't expect everything.
    9 - GSM Quadband Voice Dialing Watch
  • Tw810 Watch

    At first blush, the Tw810 might not seem like a smart watch. However, the device's 1.6-inch screen is fully capable of placing calls, working with Bluetooth, and playing both music and video. It's a little expensive, though, at $134.98 on Amazon.
    10 - Tw810 Watch
  • MQ998 Cell Phone Watch

    The MQ998, like many of the other devices in this roundup, doubles as both a watch and a phone. It works on quad-band GSM frequencies, meaning it'll work anywhere in the world, and it supports both music and video, as well as voice recording, e-book reading, and more. It comes with a 1.5-inch touch screen. And although its suggested retail price if $149.99, Amazon customers can pick it up for $44.99.
    11 - MQ998 Cell Phone Watch

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