BlackBerry Z10: 10 Reasons Not to Buy the Smartphone

By Don Reisinger  |  Posted 2013-05-15 Print this article Print

It was no surprise when BlackBerry's Z10 smartphone, which is now available in several major mobile markets around the world, got off to a strong start. But since then, the Z10 hasn't been performing as well as BlackBerry would like. And now it appears that the device, with all of its fine features, including a full touch-screen and the BlackBerry 10 mobile operating system, just won't cut it over the long term. But why? What makes the Z10 so unfulfilling to the average customer—a device that both consumer and enterprise users should ignore? It's not a simple answer. And it's likely one that BlackBerry would like to keep hidden from those who are out there buying products. But the fact is, the BlackBerry Z10 just isn't cutting it. And anyone who understands the mobile market knows that. In the following slides, we're going to analyze the BlackBerry Z10 and find out exactly why it's a product not worth buying. From its ill-fated software to its stiff competition, the Z10 just doesn't appear up to the task of succeeding in today's hotly contested smartphone market. 

  • BlackBerry Z10: 10 Reasons Not to Buy the Smartphone

    by Don Reisinger
    1 - BlackBerry Z10: 10 Reasons Not to Buy the Smartphone
  • The Software Isn't There 

    There's no debating that BlackBerry made great strides with its latest software release, BlackBerry 10. However, it's still not up to the level of Android or iOS. And until it actually hits that level, it's hard to see how the Z10 would be a good option for today's customers. 
    2 - The Software Isn't There 
  • The Design Can't Match Up 

    When examining the smartphone market, the Z10 isn't in the same category as the Apple iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S 4 in terms of design. The device's prominent screen is nice and its black finish is attractive, but it's still no iPhone or Galaxy handset. The design just isn't there. And that matters to consumers, especially. 
    3 - The Design Can't Match Up 
  • BlackBerry Is a Major Question Mark

    One of the key reasons many people and companies aren't investing in the Z10 is their uncertainty about BlackBerry's future. The company continues to say that it's just fine, but its performance has yet to prove that. Until BlackBerry can prove its own solid footing, the Z10 will have trouble getting off the ground. 
    4 - BlackBerry Is a Major Question Mark
  • Wait on the iPhone 5S 

    A lot of customers aren't buying smartphones right now because they're waiting to see what Apple might offer up in its next handset release, the iPhone 5S. That device, which is slated to launch this summer, will likely come with the same design as its predecessor, but add a better processor, an improved camera and other key features most customers want. Why buy a Z10 now when a better device is just around the corner? 
    5 - Wait on the iPhone 5S 
  • What About the Galaxy S 4?   

    Samsung's Galaxy S 4 is another one of those products that could cause all kinds of trouble for BlackBerry. The device is arguably the best smartphone ever released, offering a 5-inch display, a 13-megapixel camera and touchless control of on-screen action. The Galaxy S 4 is essentially the device that BlackBerry wishes it thought of releasing. 
    6 - What About the Galaxy S 4?   
  • App Availability 

    The BlackBerry application marketplace leaves much to be desired. Sure, there are more apps in the store than ever, but let's not forget that Apple's App Store and the Google Play marketplace have far more programs available to users. Until BlackBerry catches up, the Z10 is in trouble. 
    7 - App Availability 
  • The Corporate World Doesn't Need It 

    The corporate world has made no indication that it's enticed by the BlackBerry Z10. The device is nice looking and all, but what does it really deliver to corporate customers who would make them want to use it? According to recent surveys, the iPhone and Android are now making significant inroads into the enterprise. And BlackBerry is being left behind as a result. Even the Z10 can't stop that. 
    8 - The Corporate World Doesn't Need It 
  • Some Would Prefer the Q10 

    The other issue for BlackBerry is that the company's core customers have spent years loving its phones' QWERTY keyboard—something being offered in the company's other new device, the Q10. For old-time fans of the BlackBerry handsets, the Q10 is the way to go, not the Z10. 
    9 - Some Would Prefer the Q10 
  • Android Is Getting Better and Better 

    Another issue for BlackBerry is that the company's software isn't exactly lighting the world on fire like it once did. Android, once considered the third-best option in the mobile space, is now truly the second (if not first) best option. Android is getting better and better. And an increasing number of customers are responding favorably to that. 
    10 - Android Is Getting Better and Better 
  • The Same Goes for iOS 

    Apple's iOS is simply superior to BlackBerry 10 in most ways. The operating system is easier to use, it has a better design and from a productivity perspective, it's not lacking in the least. Apple's iOS is simply the OS that BlackBerry wishes it was offering to its customers. 
    11 - The Same Goes for iOS 

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