Moto X Smartphone Stands Out Even Before Picking Custom Features

By Michelle Maisto  |  Posted 2013-08-26

The Motorola Moto X—the first true joint effort between Motorola and parent company Google and the phone intended to relaunch a decimated Motorola—will be available Aug. 23 from AT&T, though all the major carriers will sell it by summer's end. The Moto X comes at a good time for Google—a time when it's possible to review a phone without mentioning the version of Android that it's running. That is to say it's a time when consumers have started looking past the word "Android," in a market too jam-packed with Android-running devices for that to mean much. Smartphone buyers these days care about displays, cameras, speed, aesthetics, apps, battery life and smart, life-enhancing features. In most of these categories, the Moto X delivers. It's the first smartphone that users can design themselves—choosing from materials, colors and more. But it will also stand out for its voice-guided, Touchless Control capabilities. These aren't the only features to recommend the Moto X, but in a very competitive market, they're the two that set it apart.


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