Top 10 Most Popular Paid iPhone Apps

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Top 10 Most Popular Paid iPhone Apps

Prior to an App Store redesign, it wasn’t uncommon for Apple’s list of most popular apps to be dominated by video games. But games now have been placed in a separate category, which means the company can provide a clearer picture of which personal interest apps are most popular on the iPhone. In fact, its list of the most popular paid apps includes an eclectic set of programs ranging from fitness apps to photo filters. There are also some enterprise-friendly apps, such as the iScanner PDF creator and the HotSchedules work scheduler. Regardless, all of the most popular paid iPhone apps are high quality and have received outstanding reviews from critics and users alike. This slide show will examine the most popular paid iPhone apps as ranked by the App Store.

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KiraKira+ Dresses Up Photos, Videos

KiraKira+ is popular among those looking to add a little flair to their pictures and videos. The app, which costs 99 cents, adds a glitter effect to a picture to make “light-emitting materials and reflective objects … shine even more,” according to KiraKira+’s developer.

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HotSchedules Tracks Employee Shifts

The $2.99 HotSchedules app is the most popular employee scheduling program in the App Store. With HotSchedules, employees can access and pick up shifts, while managers can see who’s working when and adjust workloads accordingly. The time tracking feature can help managers also keep track of budgets and other financial information.

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Tabs & Chords for Stringed Instruments

Tab & Chords, which costs $2.99, is designed to help users learn how to play guitar, bass and ukulele. The app includes access to 1.4 million tabs and chords help users not only learn basic guitar riffs, but also how to play their favorite songs. Tabs & Chords even includes lyrics to those tracks.

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Make Photos Look Their Best With Facetune

Facetune is all about making pictures look better. Using touch gestures and a variety of functions, users can remove skin blemishes, brighten images, edit out certain aspects of a picture and more. From improving facial structure to changing eye color, the ways to “tune” a face in Facetune are nearly endless. The app costs $3.99.

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Plan Workouts With Full Fitness

Full Fitness is an exercise workout trainer designed for beginners and advanced users alike who want to get a full body workout. The program, which costs $2.99, includes hundreds of exercises and images of people performing the exercise, so users can ensure they’re doing it right. There’s also a calorie tracker and video instructions for more complicated exercises.

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iScanner Creates PDFs, JPG Files on the Fly

Even though Apple’s iOS 11 now includes a built-in PDF scanner, some may want something a bit more sophisticated. For them, there’s iScanner, an app that creates PDFs and JPGs using the iPhone’s camera. The documents then can then be e-mailed, printed or uploaded to a variety of cloud services. The app also includes signature support and password protection. iScanner costs $4.99.

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Videoshop Provides Quick Editing Tools

Videoshop is a $1.99 app that offers quick editing tools to make professional-looking videos. Using the app, users can add music to their videos, create slow-motion effects and apply filters to make the videos look unique. There’s also a feature that lets users merge different videos for multiple cuts.

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Set Up a 7-Minute Workout Challenge

The name says it all with the $2.99 7 Minute Workout Challenge app. It lets users set up a 7-minute workout that can be performed at any time for a quick workout tuneup during the day. It’s not the most robust workout app in the App Store, but it gets the job done quickly.

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Keep an Eye on Forecasts With Dark Sky Weather

Dark Sky Weather is a $3.99 weather app that provides by-the-hour updates so users can see what to expect before they head out the door. The app also includes standard weather information such temperature, humidity and forecasts for the week. Dark Sky Weather includes a widget that provides quick access to the latest weather information on the iPhone.

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Track Baby's Growth With Wonder Weeks

The Wonder Weeks is an app for parents, offering a personalized weekly calendar to help users plot their baby’s mental development and visualize it over time. The app provides insight into the development, including where the child should be at the time, and how well the baby is progressing. The Wonder Weeks costs $1.99.

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