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5. More carrier options

When talking about the wireless industry, discussions typically only center on the big four—T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon Wireless. However, there are several regional carriers operating across the U.S. that deliver service as good or better service than the giants and welcome the opportunity to take on a customer with an unlocked handset.

6. Huge enterprise benefits

The corporate world gains a series of benefits from unlocked mobile devices. Large corporations can use unlocked handsets to have better control over employee devices and provisioning. Better yet, they can easily transfer devices to other carriers depending on which company gives them the best deal in any given moment. The enterprise benefits greatly from smartphone unlocking.

7. No security losses

There’s a misguided belief that unlocking a device makes it less secure. That’s absolutely incorrect. In reality, unlocking a handset doesn’t negatively impact a device’s security. Only jailbreaking—which must not be confused with unlocking— can cause security problems. It’s important all smartphone owners keep that in mind.

8. It makes it easier to take your smartphone overseas

There are many people that enjoy traveling or are required to travel abroad on business. The issue for them is that a locked device will sometimes not work in certain countries or will require a high-priced international-roaming plan. An unlocked device allows those people to temporarily put their phone on an international carrier’s network and not worry about all about that. That can be an important consideration for the well-traveled.

9. Services change

Although most major carriers really aren’t all that great, they do from time to time modify their services and update their plans. In those cases, there’s nothing worse than being locked into a long-term contract. Having an unlocked device lets customers get out of a service if a carrier’s new offerings don’t work. Don’t underestimate the value in that.

10. Faster hardware upgrades

One of the best things about unlocking a smartphone is that it doesn’t lock folks into two-year contracts, allowing them to get a new smartphone whenever they want. So, if they buy a new handset unlocked and find that it’s not worth using, it’s best to go with something else. If they unlock a device and discover something better, they can get that new product without delay. Faster hardware upgrades are a major reason to go contract-less.

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