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Broadcom Begins Sampling 64-Port 100GbE Ethernet Chips

Posted : 2016-10-13

The vendor is unveiling the StrataXGS Tomahawk II, which has speeds up to 6.4T bps and is aimed at large data centers and HPC environments. Read More >


Gen-Z Consortium to Develop New Interconnect

Posted : 2016-10-12

The new alliance, founded by the likes of IBM, Dell EMC, HPE, ARM and AMD, says the new open architecture will better link systems and memory.  Read More >


Google, Facebook Partner on L.A.-to-Hong Kong Fiber Cable

Posted : 2016-10-12

Each party can select its optical equipment independently, allowing users to choose from a variety of network equipment that will be interoperable with the system. Read More >


Citrix Enhances Automation, Flexibility in SD-WAN Offering

Posted : 2016-10-11

The company's NetScaler 9.1 will come with a new appliance, the ability to run hybrid environments and zero-touch deployment services. Read More >


Cloud Security Alliance Details IoT Security Guidelines

Posted : 2016-10-10

Internet of things security is about more than just actual devices, the Cloud Security Alliance explains in a detailed report. Read More >

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