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10 Best Practices for Network Monitoring in the Face of IT Complexity

Posted : 2016-05-03

IT teams—old-school and new-generation alike—must rely on the availability, reliability and performance of their daily production networks, servers and business applications. That's a given. But deployment, orchestration and maintenance... Read More >


Why Samsung's SmartThings Home Controller Is Under Fire

Posted : 2016-05-03

The smart home market is set to grow enormously in the next five years from $43 billion in worldwide revenue in 2015 to more than $100 billion by 2020, according to Juniper Research. Multiple big-name companies, including Samsung, Apple and Google,... Read More >


Cavium Brings 64-Bit ARM Architecture to Network, Storage SoCs

Posted : 2016-05-02

The company in the past has used the MIPS architecture in its Octeon chips, but now is expanding its strategy to include the ARM-based Octeon TX SoCs. Read More >


Talari SD-WAN Technology Now Supports Microsoft Azure, Hyper-V

Posted : 2016-05-02

The company's virtual appliances already worked with VMware and AWS, but now will also support Microsoft's cloud and virtualization platforms. Read More >


Enterprises Turn to SD-WANs to Improve Branch Office Connectivity

Posted : 2016-04-30

SD-WANs offer more flexibility, agility and affordability in branch office networks, and there's a crowded field of vendors giving customers a lot of options. Read More >

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