Cloud9 Launches New Node.js Projects

Cloud9, maker of the Cloud9 IDE developer-as-a-service platform, has launched a series of new initiatives to help push Node.js into the mainstream.

With the Node Summit for Node.js developers approaching, Cloud9 IDE announced a series of moves that cement the company's commitment to the development environment and will help to shape Node.js into the mainstream platform of the future, the company is claiming.

Cloud9, a provider of a development-as-a-service platform for JavaScript developers, introduced three new initiatives: a community blog, an official Node manual site and training resources. Cloud9 IDE also supports HTML/CSS development as well as Ruby, PHP and Coffeescript development.

The community blog, known as, will be edited by Tim Caswell, a prominent Node.js community member who is well-known for his blog. Cloud9 brought Caswell in-house to help the company in its efforts to further build the Node community and make it more accessible to new members.

In a Jan. 23 blog post, Ruben Daniels, CEO of Cloud9 IDE Inc., said:

""Beside howtonode, there is no frequently updated community website. No reliable source for news and in-depth articles about Node.js. So, today we officially launch Nodebits is a community blog, edited by Tim, which includes high-quality articles and tutorials about Node.js applications and libraries. The code examples presented can be tested and played with by loading them into Cloud9 with just a single click. Nothing to download and no compilation required.""

In addition, Daniels said there is no single source of comprehensive Node.js documentation, and most of the documentation that is available is incomplete or of insufficient quality.

Thus, "We have completely reworked many different sources of documentation into a concise and consistent website that offers a Node.js and JavaScript reference guide and manual, based on work from Joyent and Mozilla," Daniels said. "From now on, is your destination to learn about Node.js. And, like any good community docs, is fully open. We encourage everyone in the Node community help us continue to improve the site, through your own contributions. Fork nodemanual on GitHub and get started on helping us build a better Node.js."

Meanwhile, developers seeking help in becoming better Node.js programmers can sign up at

Node Summit runs Jan. 24-25 in San Francisco. The event will feature speakers from companies including Microsoft, Google, VMware, Intel, Mozilla, Yahoo and Joyent. A description of the event reads:

""Node Summit will bring together business leaders and technology experts to discuss Node.js' transformative role in the future of computing. The event will also showcase solutions from a select group of startup companies that are looking towards the future by incorporating Node.js today.""