Dude, Youre Getting a Google

Dell says it has begun testing a new partnership with Google.

Computer maker Dell said Jan. 30 it has quietly begun testing a new partnership with Internet search provider Google.

For now, some Dell laptops and desktop computers are sold with two Google Inc. search features pre-installed, a Dell spokesman said.

Dell is also putting the paces to a Google-powered Web site that appears to be a hybrid of Dells online store and Googles personalized Web site.

A Dell spokesperson had no further comment. A Google spokesperson deferred comment to Dell.

By partnering with Round Rock, Texas-based Dell, Google has found a partner to help it chip away at Microsofts dominance of the personal computer desktop software market.

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Nancy Adzentoivich of SearchViews, which reported on several signs of the partnership Jan. 26, says she thinks so.

Adzentoivich asks in her blog, "Is this the bell tolling for Microsoft? I mean, Microsoft desktop search was not on my Dell," though she notes Microsofts ubiquitous Internet Explorer Web browser did come pre-installed.

Google has been poised to distribute desktop software through a partnership with Sun Microsystems, whose Java programming language is used to download software onto digital devices.

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From Dells perspective, it gets to tie its line of low-priced consumer and enterprise devices to Google, which has a brand recognition that outdoes Apple Computer, which is the perennial leader in this regard.

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