Longhorn Evangelism Team 99 Resurfaces

Microsoft plans to restart its stalled Longhorn evangelism effort with another all-volunteer army.

It looks like the Longhorn information floodgates are officially open—again.

Microsoft employee and Longhorn evangelist Robert Scoble announced on his blog this weekend that he has been authorized to restart the "Team 99" Longhorn evangelism effort. On Microsofts Channel 9 Web site, Scoble is soliciting member nominations for the third-party evangelism team, which initially is expected to include about 20 individuals.

"All (Team 99 members) will need to sign NDAs (non-disclosure agreements) cause there are things in Longhorn that we dont want to leak out, but theyll be your proxies," Scoble blogged. "Theyll tell us where were screwing up, what were doing well, and will be worlds top authorities on Longhorn."

Scobles announcement follows by a few days Microsofts

Microsoft is planning to release non-beta-quality interim builds, known internally as "community technology previews" (CTPs) of Longhorn between its beta milestones, officials said.

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