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The players and their roles are also changing as customers demand and define the experience and environment they want. A convergence of functionality, better tools and more standardization has already led to faster time-to-market, greater efficiencies and more differentiated devices, Warren said.

"Microsofts overall vision is to build platform software that everyone will want to make an integral part of their lives and to make it possible to get those experiences to market and create tools so that rich applications can be built on top of this. Underlying all of this is the power of XML," he said.

The device experience is also expanding through its relationship to the PC, a link that is creating new opportunities for both devices and the PC. "Our role is to develop the software platform for building the next generation 32-bit connected applications and devices," he said.

Attendees were also shown a smart car, manufactured by DaimlerChrysler and primarily sold in Germany, with front- and rear-mounted cameras and an entertainment center that can play DVDs as well as MP3s and the like. Also on show was a smart exercise bike, complete with gaming capabilities in which cyclists can improve their game scores by pedaling faster.

Microsoft is also proud of what it has achieved in the embedded space, Warren said, pointing to the fact that it now has more than 1,600 partners in 55 countries in the embedded space; there are now 17 partners in the Windows Embedded Startup Program; the number of Windows CE .Net drivers had grown 164 percent year-on-year; and 675 third-party Windows Embedded Solutions are now available in its marketplace.

"Also, since the release of Windows CE .Net, more than 107,000 downloads of the Emulation Edition have taken place while more than 1.5 million lines of source code have been released, which will be increased over time. Our focus going forward is to continue to innovate around the platform, and youll see things like the maturing of the file system over time. We are also tremendously committed to componentization at the core," Warren said.

There are a slew of products coming out later this fall and winter, including the Tablet PC, the Media Center PC and Windows-powered smart displays. McKendric, the code-name for the next version of Windows CE .Net, is targeted for release in early 2003.

"We are also already working on Macallan, the code-name for the next major generation of Windows CE .Net that will take advantage of the features and functionality found in the next-generation Longhorn version of Windows," Warren concluded.

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