Windows XP SP2

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Windows XP SP2

Microsoft has aggregated information regarding a systems firewall, anti-virus and automatic update settings in a single place at the new Security Center, which should be most useful to home or small-business users who lack an IT team to manage these serv

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Windows XP SP2 - XP SP2 Windows Firewall

SP2 ships with an overhauled firewall, called Windows Firewall, thats turned on by default (unlike the Internet Connection Firewall that it replaces). Also new in Windows Firewall is an interactive element that prompts users to allow applications to acce

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Windows XP SP2 - XP SP2 pop-up blocker

Better late than never, Internet Explorer in SP2 finally gets the pop-up blocking that browser alternatives such as Mozilla and Opera have boasted for some time. Although integrated pop-up blocking should save users some time and spare some annoyance, adm

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Windows XP SP2 - XP SP2 Wireless Network Connection

SP2 brings changes to Windows XPs wireless connection dialogs that provide more information than before about available wireless links. SP2 also includes a wireless network setup wizard that makes it easier to distribute wireless configuration and securi

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