Pervasive Accelerates Big Data Analytics With TurboRush for Hive

Pervasive Software's new TurboRush for Hive technology enables Hive users to generate and execute higher-performing Hive queries with one click.

Pervasive Software has announced Pervasive TurboRush for Hive, new software that makes Hive queries run faster on less hardware.

Pervasive will be showing TurboRush for Hive at the Yahoo! Hadoop Summit 2011 June 29. Now available through an early access program, Pervasive TurboRush for Hive is the first in a series of big data accelerators currently being developed and all powered by Pervasive DataRush.

Pervasive DataRush is a software development platform that lets you rapidly build parallel applications that deliver high throughput on big data. Pervasive DataRush fully leverages the parallel processing capabilities of multicore processors to deliver enhanced performance on a multicore server, SMP machine, cluster or Hadoop cluster.

Hive is the data warehouse system built on top of Hadoop. Pervasive TurboRush for Hive accelerates Hive by using the Pervasive DataRush dataflow engine on the back end, providing faster execution of Hive programs without needing to modify any code. It provides the power of Pervasive DataRush parallelism to the full spectrum of SQL and Hive developers.

"Our Pervasive DataRush team continues to deliver powerful innovations to benefit the Hadoop ecosystem," Ray Newmark, vice president of sales and marketing for Pervasive DataRush, said in a statement. "Our engineers and our early access users have seen Hive acceleration of 2-4x using the Pervasive TurboRush accelerator. We look forward to extending this model to deliver out-of-the-box accelerators for other languages and frameworks as well. In addition, we'll be making details available in the coming weeks about a community edition of Pervasive DataRush for Hadoop."

"I am seeing more and more organizations turn to the Hadoop ecosystem to see what kind of practical strategies they can adopt for processing big data," said David Linthicum, CTO of Blue Mountain Labs. "This is a promising offer to deliver enterprise-scale performance for Hive developers tackling big data challenges."

"Pervasive TurboRush for Hive is exciting news for SQL analysts looking to discover trends, patterns and value in their Big Data on Hadoop," Martin Hall, co-founder, chairman and executive vice president of corporate development at Karmasphere, said in a statement. "The faster their Hive SQL queries perform, the faster their insights are achieved. Our work with Pervasive is another important step in Karmasphere's commitment to deliver products that help developers, analysts and business users unlock the power of Big Data on Hadoop and expand its use beyond IT departments."

In a June 28 statement, Pervasive CTO Mike Hoskins cited two "cool new technologies" coming out of Pervasive. One is TurboRush for Hive and the other is DataRush CE-a planned free Community Edition for Hadoop users, bringing the benefits of dataflow and fine-grained parallelism to MapReduce.

"We're onboarding a record number of customers on our next-generation cloud integration platform, including launch of a private cloud platform that extends our current AWS [Amazon Web Services]-based solution to support private and hybrid clouds," Hoskins said. "We kicked off Pervasive Galaxy, a fast-growing community of integration offerings in a marketplace that connects buyers and sellers-with 30+ connectors already available."

For more information on Pervasive TurboRush for Hive, and to participate in the early access program, go to