What Makes Dell's XPS 13 a Worthy Hybrid Laptop Contender

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What Makes Dell's XPS 13 a Worthy Hybrid Laptop Contender

Dell's XPS 13 2-in-1 hybrid laptop is one in a multitude of new PC models that Dell and other PC makers are introducing at the Computer Electronics Show 2017.

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It’s a 2-in-1 Hybrid Laptop

The Dell XPS 13 is a two-in-one hybrid, which means it can be used both as a tablet and a laptop. It also comes with a touch-screen and when placed in a tent-like position can be used as a display screen so users can view content without having to hold it.

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It Has an Edge-to-Edge Display

Arguably the biggest new feature in the XPS 13 is its edge-to-edge display. The feature, called the InfinityEdge, makes the screen look as though it spills off the edge of the case to maximize screen real estate and minimize bezels. The screen measures 13.3-inches diagonally and offers up to a 3,200-by-1,800-pixel resolution and a 170-degree viewing angle. It can accept 10 simultaneous touch-points.

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Intel Core CPUs Give it Solid Processing Power

Dell XPS 13 customers will be able to choose between seventh-generation Intel Core i processors. The device ships with an Intel Core i5 processor, though customers can choose a processing speed of up to 3.2GHz. Those who want Intel Core i7 power can get clock speeds up to 3.6GHz.

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Graphics Could Be Improved

The XPS 13’s graphics processor isn’t all that impressive. The computer ships with the Intel HD Graphics 615, a chip that will do a decent job for work-a-day computing chores but won’t be able to handle graphics-intensive applications. It’s a bit of a disappointment.

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It Ships with Windows 10 Home

The XPS 13 ships with Windows 10 Home, which isn’t ideal for business users. However, Dell gives customers the option to upgrade to Windows 10 Pro for additional performance and security. It would be nice to see Windows 10 Home out of the box, but since this is a mainly a consumer product, Windows 10 Home will work fine.

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Battery Life Is Competitive

The Dell XPS 13 delivers impressive battery life for most users. According to Dell’s own benchmarks, the computer can last up to 15 hours on a single charge for standard use. Those who want to watch continuous video should be able to get up to 13 hours of battery life on a single charge.

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Dell Active Pen Stylus Is Optional

The Dell XPS 13 comes with support for the Dell Active Pen, a stylus offering 2,048 levels of precision and lets users write on the screen to annotate a PDF, take notes and more. The stylus is sold separately, however, so those who want the feature should be ready to spend a bit more.

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Thin Design Makes it Highly Portable

In general, the Dell XPS 13 is a nicely portable device. It weighs 2.7 pounds regardless of the components customers choose and measures just .3 inches at its thickest point. The Dell XPS 13 should be easy to carry around.

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Accessories Support a Lot of Connectivity

Dell offers several accessories to go with the XPS 13, including an adapter that lets users connect to projectors, TVs, Ethernet and more, all at the same time. Those who want to keep the computer safe should consider the Dell Premier Sleeve 13 case. The Hybrid Adapter and Power Bank is an external power source. And of course, there’s the Dell Active Pen.

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What to Know About Pricing

As of this writing, the Dell XPS 13 is ready to ship in just a few days. While the computer comes with an affordable $1,000 starting price, customizations will quickly increase the price. A nicely equipped option, for instance, will cost customers $1,400.

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Dell Makes its Latitude 13 7370 Laptop Thin, Light and Tough

Dell claims the border on the screen of its new 7000 series laptops is thinner than any of its competitors’. While I haven’t measured the screen borders on all of those competing laptops, I can say Dell’s is certainly thin. The design means less space is wasted for the bezel, which, in turn, reduces the size of the laptop. This laptop is also very thin and lightweight, measuring just over a half-inch thick and weighing just shy of 2.5 pounds. The Latitude 7370 we looked at uses an Intel M5 vPro processor to power its Windows 10 Professional operating system, a 256GB SSD for storage and 8GB memory. Dell included an impressive list of MIL-SPEC tests the Latitude 7370 passed, proving it can withstand nearly any abuse you’re likely to give the unit during normal daily use. The 13-inch screen is slightly smaller than the other laptops I’ve examined recently, yet the difference isn’t significant....
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