Snapshot: Labs Goes to Boot Camp

By Jason Brooks  |  Posted 2006-04-17

On April 5, Apple strengthened the case for Mac Intel users switching from OS X to Microsofts Windows XP, at least some of the time, with the release of an initial beta of Boot Camp. During eWEEK Labs tests, the beta software guided us smoothly through the process of turning an Intel-powered Mac mini into a dual-boot Windows XP Service Pack 2/OS X 10.4.6 box.

Even with the limitations of dual booting—and there are limitations—Boot Camp offers Apple hardware buyers more choices, and we always welcome more choices. Boot Camp principally represents a bid by Apple to sell more hardware, but we also welcome this gesture of openness. If, to boot (no pun intended), Apple became amenable to allowing OS X to run on non-Apple hardware, the strategy could go a long way toward improving the companys case for itself in enterprise IT.

Our full review of Boot Camp, as well as a slide show detailing the testing process, can be found online at

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