Adding SOAP to Forte for Java

By Timothy Dyck  |  Posted 2001-10-01

Idoox will plug a big feature gap in Sun Microsystems Forte for Java development tool with its upcoming Web Applications and Services Platform (or WASP) Lite 3.0 and Advanced 3.0 tool kits.

Both provide Java-based libraries, enabling Java code to use SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol). Both seamlessly plug into Forte for Java 3.0s development environment (see screen), which lacks SOAP support on its own. Idooxs tools are everything that should have come with Forte for Java initially. If I were at Sun, Id buy this company quick.

Using a beta release of WASP Advanced 3.0, we could SOAP-enable a Java class, generate a Java client that used SOAP to call this class and use Idooxs SOAP debugger to see the SOAP messages as they were generated and received by the WASP SOAP server.

WASP Lite 3.0 will ship this month, is free for commercial use and provides all the SOAP essentials. WASP Advanced 3.0 should ship later this fall (prices havent been announced but should be similar to a low-end application server, according to Idoox officials); WASP Advanced includes security, Enterprise JavaBeans, Java Message Server, Java Database Connectivity over SOAP and transaction support.

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