Agent Adept at Updates

By Timothy Dyck  |  Posted 2001-03-12

Those who need to support Compaqs line of laptops, desktops and servers will find ActiveUpdate 2.0 (Compaq SoftPaq 16266), the companys automated software update agent, a significant step beyond the traditional hunt-and-click method Compaq has required them to use in the past.

Using ActiveUpdate, you no longer have to search through Compaqs site every few months looking for any update that might be applicable to your equipment.

Instead, once you install the software agent, you define which Compaq hardware models you have and which operating systems they are running, and then ActiveUpdate lists all applicable updates and downloads them to your local hard drive.

Unfortunately, although ActiveUpdate downloads the updates by itself in the background, you still have to install the updates yourself. Id like the option of having ActiveUpdate do that step too (although not without my permission, of course).

Compaqs separate System Software Manager (available at does do this.

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