SPI Monitors App Development

By Cameron Sturdevant  |  Posted 2003-04-21

SPI Dynamics WebINspect 3.0 is a clever tool for Web application developers that tests for security holes during the production process.

During production makes the most sense to look for problems because they are easiest and least expensive to repair then. And because the holes are found before the application is up and running, problems are shorted out before they have a chance to cause embarrassment or worse.

This version of the product let me assess Web services vulnerabilities by looking at some sample applications that use SOAP objects. But the increased processing speed is probably the best advance in this version over previous releases of the product. Im much more likely to use a tool such as WebInspect if it does its job quickly and then gets out of the way.

More information about WebInspect is available at www.spidynamics.com.

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