SilverStream Program Promotes RosettaNet Adoption

By Darryl K. Taft  |  Posted 2002-06-04

SilverStream Software Inc. this week announced SilverStream eXtend QuickStart for RosettaNet, a solution for creating trading networks based on RosettaNet standards.

SilverStream, of Billerica, Mass., said the new release, which includes its application server and a host of complementary supporting products, is an affordable solution for RosettaNet Basics. The RosettaNet Basics program was created to enable the affordable adoption of RosettaNet standards for small to medium-sized companies, said RosettaNet CEO Jennifer Hamilton.

RosettaNet is a consortium working to develop Internet standards for conducting business and trading online.

The RosettaNet Basics Program is designed to simplify the creation of public and private trading networks, and to promote the adoption of RosettaNet standards, Hamilton said.

In addition to the SilverStream eXtend Application Server, the QuickStart for RosettaNet solution includes other key SilverStream technologies, including the SilverStream eXtend Composer, an XML integration technology for transforming existing enterprise systems into Web services; the Composer Process Manager, for turning Web services into higher level process flows; Composer EDI Connect, which provides interoperability with existing EDI infrastructures; a RosettaNet Basics Partner Management Application; and pre-configured software to support the RosettaNet Basics Partner Interface Processes, according to SilverStream.

SilverStreams program will mean streamlined electronic order flows, reduced handling costs, interoperability with EDI-based partners and other efficiencies, the company said. Users can conduct transactions using both EDI and RosettaNet standards.

SilverStream officials said the Composer components of the solution are as key to it as the application server.

Fred Holahan, SilverStreams vice president and general manager of e-business integration products, said SilverStreams approach to the market is that user-based pricing for commodity technologies like application servers is not viable in the long term. "Ultimately, app servers will become part of the OS [operating system] bedrock, and app server vendors will have to add value in other ways to remain viable," he said.

SilverStream eXtend QuickStart for RosettaNet is available now, starting at $50,000 for a single CPU.

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