SiteRecorder Does Just That

By Jim Rapoza  |  Posted 2001-05-07

Someone at Lockstep Systems must have had one of those classic moments when a light bulb clicks on. Lockstep makes the product Webagain, which protects against Web site defacement by maintaining a backup of the site that can replace the live site if it is altered or defaced.

Someone must have realized that most of the core code in Webagain could be repurposed as a Web site backup tool. And thus SiteRecorder 1.0 was born.

SiteRecorder accesses a sites root directory through FTP or a network share. The product grabs the site content and backs it up on a user-defined schedule. Although any moderately competent Unix user could do this with simple scripts, its a lot harder to do in Windows environments.

The idea is useful, especially for enterprises whose site host provider doesnt provide backups or site rollbacks, which are possible in SiteRecorder. Also, at $795, the price is reasonable.

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