Collectives Channel Program

By eweek  |  Posted 2001-02-26

Collective Communications offers channel partners a novel pricing model and recurring revenues.

Collective charges nothing up front for its ePDA software. "They give away the razor, but you have to buy the blades," explains channel partner Bill MacMullin.

Customers contract for ePDA on either a per-transaction or bundled-package basis. On a transaction basis, the Collective system costs 35 cents to 50 cents per transaction. Bundled packages can include a fixed number of transactions monthly or an unlimited amount, as well as variations on connection services, equipment and software. Those range in cost from $39.99 to $134.99 a month.

Channel partners receive 25 percent to 35 percent of transaction fees, resulting in "a revenue stream that doesnt stop when the job is finished," says MacMullin. Even though he doesnt charge for ePDA installation, MacMullin believes he will benefit in the long run.

"Id much rather have that month-in, month-out revenue stream. Rather than concluding a project and walking away, I now have an ongoing relationship with my client. When they need additional services, Im already there."

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