Connectivity at 2G bps

By Henry Baltazar  |  Posted 2001-10-29

Overland Datas libraryXpress LXN2000 unit, with its built-in, 2G-bps Fibre Channel connection, is ready to accommodate the next generation of Fibre Channel storage.

The LXN2000, which started shipping in August, has a starting price of $40,850. A linear tape, open version of the LXN2000 is expected in a few months.

The LXN2000 library unit can run two tape drives and hold 26 cartridges. IT managers can stack eight of these units together to transform a typical workgroup-class tape library into an enterprise-class one with 16 drives and 208 media slots.

Overland Datas integrated XpressChannel (a robotic arm unit that runs between the LXN2000s drives) enables IT administrators to accelerate import and export tapes between libraries to speed restore and backup jobs. Using the 2G-bps Fibre Channel connectivity option, multiple linked LXN2000s can sustain transfer rates of up to 150MB per second.

For reliabilitys sake, the LXN2000 can hot-swap critical components such as tape drives and power supplies.

The LXN2000 is one of the slickest workgroup/ midrange libraries Ive seen, and its onboard front panel screen is useful for setup and maintenance.

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