So, You Want To Be a VSP?

By Jacqueline Emigh  |  Posted 2001-02-12

There are a few necessary steps you must take to ensure success, as you set out on the vertical solutions provider path:

Choose your markets carefully. If youre already savvy about certain verticals, the selection process is a relative no-brainer. If you lack that industry expertise, youll need to complete a full-scale evaluation of potential markets.

Ready your internal resources, and, if necessary, augment them by acquiring, hiring or partnering.

Choose your partners well. Aside from bringing along that vertical expertise, the right outside hosting or integration specialists will greatly enhance your sales and marketing message and increase your odds of winning new business.

Never rest on your laurels. Vertical markets change constantly, so always keep your eyes peeled for new opportunities that will let you capitalize on your established strengths.

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