DiskOnKey Saves on the Fly

By Francis Chu  |  Posted 2002-03-25

The latest edition of M-Systems DiskOnKey, to be released next month, will hold 512MB—perfect for storing files on the go and a great replacement for bulky floppy drives used in laptops.

The current $149 DiskOnKey, a flash memory device, holds 128MB. Its roughly the size of a thick pen or highlighter, with a USB interface. Because it has built-in drivers for Windows and Mac OS, transferring files is easy on most machines.

I simply plugged the 128MB DiskOnKey into the USB port in my Compaq laptop running Windows 2000 Professional, and my system immediately recognized it as a USB mass storage device, so I could use it like any regular hard drive.

File transfer is fairly fast, but users should be careful not to accidentally detach the DiskOnKey while transferring files to avoid corrupting data. DiskOnKey has a green, flashing LED that lets users know that file transfer is in progress.

Other DiskOnKey models are available with capacities of 8MB, 16MB, 32MB and 64MB, priced from $30 to $100. For more information, go to www.diskonkey.com.

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