Fast Facts Section B: April 16, 2001

By eweek  |  Posted 2001-04-16

Taking the Storage Route

Cisco Systems later this month will roll out a storage router based on the proposed Small Computer Systems Interface over Internet Protocol (iSCSI) standard. IBM and Cisco co-formulated the standard. Ciscos offering allows such applications as storage consolidation, data backup and data archival to tape devices. The $27,000 router is part of Ciscos Storage Networking Initiative.

Executive Express

Dennis Jones, former chief information officer at Federal Express, has landed a new job with business-to-business software firm Commerce One. Jones, 48, will take on the role of chief operating officer, responsible for engineering, marketing, financial, legal and administrative operations. He replaces Robert Kimmitt, who was recently promoted from COO to president.

No Gusher

Chevron says it is negotiating with the other partners in oil and gas marketplace PetroCosm to buy the exchange outright. The marketplace has taken longer than expected to get off the ground, and investment money is drying up, so Chevron may be looking to complete development in-house.

Rocket Fuel