Integrating Unstructured Data In Real Time

By Renee Boucher Ferguson  |  Posted 2001-12-03

LumaPath Inc., a data integration startup, on Monday introduced its flagship data integration product, Real-Time Relevance Server, and announced that it had joined forces with two companies, Stellent Inc. and Pivotal Corp.

The Real-Time Relevance Server automatically delivers structured and unstructured data content and presents it to users in real-time.

It does this by unobtrusively analyzing the context of a users active window, then automatically locating relevant information in other information sources, such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Corp.s Office applications, Web sites and flat files. Then, with the single click of a mouse, the user can move the retrieved information into another application, according to officials at LumaPath, of Maynard, Mass.

LumaPath will integrate Stellents Outside In Content Access technology with its Real-Time Relevance Server. When the LumaPath server software opens an email message with an attachment, Outside In Content Access automatically extracts the content of the attachment, enabling the LumaPath software to bring it into the Relevance Server, according to officials.

LumaPath also penned a technology alliance with Pivotal to deliver a joint solution that integrates Real-Time Relevance Server software with Pivotals eRelationship Suite of customer relationship management software to provide a more comprehensive perspective on customer related information.

The Relevance Server itself combines enterprise application data with information in unstructured content sources. There are integration adapters available now for Siebel Systems Inc.s eBusiness 2000, Lotus Development Corp.s Notes, Pivotal eRelationship, Microsoft Exchange/Outlook email, Windows NT file systems and internal and external Web sites.

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