Maxtor Launches Tiny Backup Drive

By Brian Bennett  |  Posted 2006-04-20

Maxtor unveiled its new OneTouch III Mini Edition external hard drive today. The small device weighs a mere 7 ounces and is designed for extreme portability.

Connecting to Windows computers via USB 2.0 or slower USB 1.0 ports, the cute little drive comes in 60GB and 100GB capacities ($149.95 and $199.95 respectively).

The OneTouch III Mini Edition sports a rugged design with rubber side panels, so you should be able to toss the OneTouch into bags without fearing damage, just as you would a flash drive.

Guarding your data is Maxtors DriveLock system to encrypt info and Maxtor Synch software to automatically back-up the contents living on your main storage drive (both preloaded on the Mini).

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