OneTouch Eases Backup Jobs

By Francis Chu  |  Posted 2004-11-01

Maxtors new OneTouch II provides an excellent desktop storage option for corporate professionals as well as SOHO users. The high-capacity external hard drive has a compact footprint and offers a new user interface for simplified data backup and restore.

The OneTouch II, which shipped last month, offers storage capacities of 250GB or 300GB using a fast 7,200-rpm hard drive with a 16MB cache. The product runs quietly and supports both FireWire and USB 2.0 interfaces. Like its predecessor, the OneTouch II has a sleek design that saves desktop space , and it is more compact than its bulky competitors.

The 300GB unit I tested is priced at $380; a 250GB version costs $330. The unit comes with Dantzs Retrospect Express HD backup software for Windows and Mac OS. Retrospect Express supports Windows 98SE and 98ME, Windows 2000 Professional and XP, and Mac OS 9 and OS X.

After I installed the Retrospect software, I used the OneTouch II to quickly perform a complete system backup with (as the product name implies) just the touch of a button. The new user interface also makes scheduling backups and restoring data a snap.

Retrospect Express maintains restore points on the users PC or Mac and can take snapshots of different points in time. Users can easily restore the system to these data points.

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