Fast Facts Section B: September 3, 2001

By eweek  |  Posted 2001-09-03

Put Up Your Dukes

Oracle and research firm Gartner are trading barbs across the Net after the software giant took exception to a critical report on the Oracle 11i enterprise application platform. Oracle said Gartner showed a "documented bias toward Oracle in its coverage." Gartner stands by the report, Oracle Under Fire.

Flooz Is Floored, a company that provided an online gift- currency service, has shut down and plans to file for bankruptcy protection. CEO Robert Levitan says the company tried to stave off bankruptcy by holding merger discussions with a number of companies, but the talks failed. Flooz provided a currency that could essentially be used as a gift certificate at partner sites.

Staples.Com Goes Home

Staples shareholders approved a controversial plan to convert shares of its online unit,, into the common stock of the parent company. The plan was initially held up by charges that the conversion unfairly benefited Staples directors and insiders, but passed with about 85 percent of the vote at last weeks annual meeting. The shares were valued at about $7 each.

Rocket Fuel