MySQL Serves Up Database Support, IP Indemnification for All

By Lisa Vaas  |  Posted 2005-02-14

MySQL Serves Up Database Support, IP Indemnification for All

MySQL AB, maker of the worlds most popular open-source database, is offering platinum-level, round-the-clock support—formerly available only for large-scale deployments—for sites of any size, be they one or 1,000 servers.

The Uppsala, Sweden, company plans to announce the new offering at LinuxWorld in Boston on Tuesday. The multitiered support offering, part of a bundling called MySQL Network, also throws in warranties and intellectual-property indemnification, a knowledge base, and automated updates and alerts, all aimed to give enterprises the hand-holding they crave when contemplating the open-source route.

MySQL CEO Marten Mickos said the MySQL Network bundle is the companys way of addressing potential customers fears around support. "This has been the interesting paradox: Our support customers are very happy," he said. "They love the support we have. But when you ask the market, theyll always say that support is the biggest question that relates to open source. Thats why we said, … Lets offer support to everyone and show them what we can do."

In concert with the rollout of MySQL Network, MySQL will announce a new certified partner program to ensure that MySQL seamlessly works with leading software and hardware. To date, over 25 companies have certified their products for MySQL Network, including Hewlett-Packard Co., Novell Inc., Sun Microsystems Inc. and Red Hat Inc.

MySQL Network is available as an annual subscription at four levels: Basic, Gold, Silver and Platinum. On the high end, organizations receive unlimited 24-by-7 telephone and Web support from MySQLs support engineering team. MySQL has doubled the support teams size to 25 in the last year, according to Mickos. At the Platinum level, emergency response times are guaranteed to be less than 30 minutes for the most severe issues.

Indemnification for all is another new offering, formerly granted on a case-by-case basis. MySQL is the owner and developer of its code base, which is available under MySQLs dual licensing model.

As for the MySQL Knoweldge Base, Mickos said that it contains 230 articles, including performance tips, troubleshooting, and best practices and techniques to make the most of MySQL installations.

The new Update Advisor is an automated message system that alerts customers to new and relevant MySQL software for their particular environments. Alerts are available via e-mail, pager or SMS messages, or they can be viewed online.

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Also new is the Technical Alert Advisor, which notifies customers about issues relating to specific computing environments. The bulletins cover such issues as operating system security vulnerabilities, new features, performance enhancements and Knowledge Base articles.

The Technical Alert Advisor is part of MySQLs attempts to proactively head off problems such as that caused by the MySpooler worm. MySpooler was a bot attack launched against default Windows installations of MySQL that infected vulnerable systems at the rate of up to 100 per minute. It was halted after DNS (Domain Name System) service authorities shut off access to IRC servers controlling the worm.

Some in the open-source community criticized MySQL in the wake of the MySpooler worm, saying it should be held to the same high standards as any commercial vendor. Read more here.

MySQL Network is available now for 11 platforms, including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, SuSE Linux AGs Linux Enterprise Server, Microsoft Corp.s Windows Server 2003, Sun Solaris and HPs HP-UX. Pricing is on an annual subscription model and ranges from $595 to $4,995 per database server. More information will soon be available on MySQLs site.

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