MySQL to Ship With NetWare

By Lisa Vaas  |  Posted 2003-09-17

The open-source database MySQL will ship as one of the standard databases that go out with Novell Inc.s NetWare 6.5, MySQL AB officials announced last week.

NetWare 6.5 will come with a commercially licensed version of MySQL 4.0. Such a license sidesteps the legal skirmishes now surrounding Linux, wherein The SCO Group Inc. has charged that the Linux 2.4 and 2.5 kernels infringe on the companys intellectual property rights.

Such a license gives NetWare 6.5 users the ability to develop and distribute applications based on MySQL without paying additional licensing costs.

MySQL AB, of Uppsala, Sweden, uses a dual-licensing business model under which its database can be used for no cost under the free software/open-source GPL license or under a commercial license. This commercial license allows users to develop applications on MySQL without revealing the source code within the applications.

MySQL AB and Novell will jointly provide technical support for the databases that ship with NetWare. NetWare 6.5 evaluation software is now available on Novells site. A GPL version of MySQL for NetWare 6 and higher can be downloaded from MySQLs site.

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