SAS to Offer New Consulting Service

By Dennis Callaghan  |  Posted 2003-10-17

SAS Institute Inc. Monday will announce a new consulting service called the Information Evolution Assessment, which is designed to help organizations make better use of their information resources.

The new service is based on SASs patent-pending Information Evolution Model (IEM), a system and method for describing how well a company manages and utilizes information as a strategic corporate asset.

Companies can use the IEA service to determine performance against a five-level continuum that ranges from an operational focus at the low end, to leveraging information to produce innovation at the high end, SAS officials in Cary, N.C. said.

The IEA is designed to help organizations better align strategies and identify critical relationships and gaps in information among people, process, culture and infrastructure, company officials said.

SAS will offer the IEA service globally, beginning next year.

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