TimesTen Dispatches Data in Real Time

By Brian Fonseca  |  Posted 2004-06-14

New and upgraded software from TimesTen Inc. aims to give enterprises greater control over how and when data is cached in its namesake in-memory database, with the goal of enabling real-time responses to business issues.

TimesTen this week will unveil three modules—Times-Ten/Transact, TimesTen/Data-Server and TimesTen/Cache—which will be available next quarter. Giving application developers a tool to integrate messaging and data management, TimesTen/Transact provides real-time queuing, dispatching and processing of message-based transaction requests.

TimesTen/DataServer provides real-time, memory-optimized data replication and data management across multiple and distributed nodes. TimesTen/Cache, designed for applications that require faster access to a subset of information stored in a relational DBMS, offers real-time relational processing of selected data from databases and performs automatic data loading and update synchronization.

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Also this week, TimesTen will release Version 5.1 of its namesake real-time event-processing platform featuring new recovery, security, database integration and event-publishing features. In addition, the Mountain View, Calif., company said it will offer customers additional real-time data management capabilities by integrating TimesTen 5.1 with TIBCO Software Inc.s Rendezvous messaging integration software. TimesTen will also integrate its platform with future releases of TIBCOs Enterprise Message Service to support JMS (Java Messaging Service) and boost failover, database and cluster management operations, according to TimesTen CEO Jim Groff.

Later this year, TimesTen will add support for Advanced Micro Devices Inc.s Opteron processor, Groff said.

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TimesTen customer John Byrne, director of applications development at United Airlines Inc., hasnt seen the new software but said hes impressed with the performance of previous versions. United deployed TimesTen with its ODS (Operations Data Store) system.

Byrne said TimesTen takes information locked in legacy applications and replicates it at "lightning speed" to a relational database. That allowed United, of Elk Grove., Ill., to build modeling software that creates "what-if" scenarios for predicting and heading off potential scheduling, weather and staffing problems.

"We were able to free up resources to work with higher-value-added applications and build business solvers around [data] to predict what was going to happen," said Byrne.

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