Dell 'Adamo' Tease Creates More Questions

By Michelle Maisto  |  Posted 2009-03-10

The Dell "Adamo," a definite head-turner of a high-end, luxury laptop, will be out "soon," writes Alex Gruzen, a Dell vice president, on a company blog.  

On March 10, Gruzen wrote on the Direct2Dell blog that Dell is looking to set new standards for "design, value, innovation and personalization." He additionally linked to a sexy, stylized ad for the Adamo - the ultrathin, high-end laptop Dell hopes will rival the Apple MacBook Air. The Adamo was introduced at the International CES Expo in Las Vegas on Jan. 12, but beyond its name, good looks and expected high price tag, little is known about the laptop.  

In February, Dell reported a 16-percent dip in fourth-quarter earnings, to $13.4 billion, and announced it would cut costs and expand into new revenue areas such as "netbooks." The Adamo, however, suggests the company additionally wants to boost its image and make a statement about its engineering and design capabilities.
In the blog post, Gruzen encourages potential customers to consider the collaboration of engineers and designers - the craftsmanship - that made the still-unreleased device possible. For instance, Gruzen writes that the materials used to create Adamo were 0.5 millimeters thin.
"In many ways, Adamo reflects the thought and effort required to build a fine Swiss watch," Gruzen writes. "The materials used have extremely tight tolerances and flow together seamlessly."
The Adamo seems to be a catalyst for poetic ideas throughout the company.
"Adamo" means Adam in Italian. Perhaps, just as many believe Adam to be the original man - the beginning of life - executives at Dell are hoping Adamo will breathe new life into the company as well.

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