Laptop Alarm Emits Shriek

By eweek  |  Posted 2001-06-18


The company that made its name by providing products that keep thieves from walking away with bicycles will roll out next month alarms and locks aimed at making sure laptop computers stay with their owners.

Kryptonite Corp. is readying five security devices. The palm-size Mini Motion Sensor Alarm can be locked to a laptop with a special adapter and armed with a resettable three-digit combination lock. When a laptop equipped with one of these alarms is in motion for 4 seconds, the device emits a 110-decibel shriek to startle a would-be thief and alert security personnel.

The Mini Motion Sensor Alarm adapter allows users to connect a locking cable to a stationary object, such as a desk, said officials at Kryptonite, in Canton, Mass.

The other Kryptonite products include four Quick-Mount systems in various configurations of key or cylinder locks and braided steel cable.

They require the installation of a node on the laptop to which these devices connect.

All five Kryptonite security devices are due next month and will be priced at about $30 or $40 each.

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