No More Oh, My Aching Back

By Jason Brooks  |  Posted 2001-07-23

When Im on the road, I effortlessly tote a thin, light notebook computer along with me. Unfortunately, I also generally end up lugging the ungainly multimedia slice that carries the Ethernet adapter and the assortment of ports Im sure I wont need until Im caught somewhere without them.

For a much more svelte peripheral expansion solution, Mobility Electronics markets the EasiDock 300FE universal USB port replicator. The slim, light, $229 mobile accessory packs a 10BaseT Ethernet NIC, the standard assortment of legacy and USB ports, and readers for CompactFlash and SmartMedia cards.

The unit links to a notebook or desktop computer via USB and complements todays dainty but port-poor mobile computers.

My only complaint about the EasiDock 300FE is that it requires me to carry yet another power supply brick alongside those for my notebook, PDA and cell phone.

For more information, ease on down to for a look-see.

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