Sybases Portal Manages Content

By Grant Du Bois  |  Posted 2001-03-05

Sybase Inc. this week will unveil an upgrade to its Enterprise Portal, which gives business partners, suppliers, customers and mobile users personalized access to information, applications and services.

EP 2.0 offers content management services—the ability to add, categorize and deploy information—with such advanced features as automated currency conversion and language translation, said officials at Sybase, in Emeryville, Calif.

The upgrade also has business-to-business extensions, allowing companies to automate their business processes with trading partners, participate in e-marketplaces and exchanges, and easily access their enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management systems, officials said.

The portal software, shipping this week, uses Extensible Markup Language to allow applications to communicate with one another via the Internet and EDI (electronic data interchange) and enables non-EDI business partners to be integrated into enterprises, officials added.

Sybases mobile and wireless technology extends the enterprise portal to laptops, personal digital assistants and cellular phones via Wireless Application Protocol. This provides mobile Internet browsing, wireless messaging, and 24-by-7 access to enterprise data and applications whether mobile workers are working online or offline.

The Software Engineering Center, a software development facility of the U.S. Army, is using EP 2.0 to build a Web-enabled management system for the Transportation Coordinator-Automated Information for Movement System II, a joint program of the Army, Navy, Marine Corps and Air Force for the global deployment of military assets. The customized portal will manage quality testing of heavy-duty command and control software that monitors the movement of troops and material around the world, according to Chip Raymond, director of strategic business operations for the center, in Fort Belvoir, Va.

"The ease of implementing [EP 2.0 fits] on a very tight schedule," Raymond said. "We needed something that was also flexible and responsive to meet the compressed schedule and rigorous requirements."

Pricing for Sybase EP 2.0 is $225 per megahertz for enterprise systems.

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