Wintility Pro Eases Office File Sharing

By Jim Rapoza  |  Posted 2003-04-07

For many offices and company departments, document overload can be a serious problem. Important files and information can be scattered across PCs, network shares and mail folders, making it all but impossible to find all the information in specific areas.

While document and knowledge management systems provide a solution for large enterprises, PX Technologies Wintility Pro 2.5 provides a lower-end solution that can be a big help to smaller outfits drowning in documents. Wintility Pro makes it easy for users to share files within workgroups through the Wintility client or via a Web interface.

Wintility Pro comprises two applications: the Master application, which connects all content; and the individual client, for systems within the workgroup. When I installed the client, it was able to quickly find content on my systems and create catalogs that could be based on relevant categories or on the hierarchical file system setup. Although Wintility makes it possible to search multiple content resources, all the content stays in its original location.

With the new WebWintility feature, I could share searchable catalogs on our own sites or on a central site managed by PX Technologies. Although this feature worked well, companies that need this capability may be better off using traditional search engine technology.

Wintility Pro is priced at $649 for one Master and one client. More information can be found at

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