Buffalo Leads Antenna Stampede

By Cameron Sturdevant  |  Posted 2003-05-19

Buffalo Technology released an omnidirectional indoor antenna for the companys 802.11g wireless PCI network card at NetWorld+ Interop earlier this month. The antenna comes with the $139 AirStation 54M-bps wireless network card and a 4-foot cable.

Buffalo Indoor 802.11g extension antenna

IT administrators who are using antenna extension cables for 802.11b cards will be able to install the higher-speed (but not yet finalized) 802.11g equipment on PCs that are not in the best physical location to receive a clear signal.

Buffalo Technologys device is the first 802.11g extension antenna Ive seen, but I dont think it will be the last.

When the standard is ratified—as is expected to happen in late summer—more manufacturers are likely to bring out performance-boosting antennas for their cards.

Buffalo Technology has promised to make free software and hardware upgrades and free tech support available if the final 802.11g specification varies materially from the model thats now shipping.

More information can be found at www.buffalotech.com.

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