Device Opens Way to Novices

By John S. McCright  |  Posted 2001-11-26

Agilent Technologies Inc. plans to roll out a handheld network analyzer early next month that will bring network performance monitoring, if not to the masses, then at least to a broader slice of IT support staff.

The FrameScope 350 handheld network analyzer lets support staff, network installers and service providers verify the performance of key network services. It measures the response times of Web, file, e-mail, print and Domain Name System servers and other network services in Fast Ethernet and TCP/IP environments.

Problems with protocols, configuration, cabling or performance can be isolated and solved by inexperienced technicians with the tool, according to officials at Agilent, in Palo Alto, Calif.

Additionally, IT managers can use the FrameScope 350 to monitor and identify problems at remote sites because the analyzer can be controlled through a Web browser.

The FrameScope 350 stand-alone unit is priced at $5,995; combined with a DualRemote add-on, it costs $7,995.

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