Network Discovery at the Low End

By Cameron Sturdevant  |  Posted 2003-06-09

For the first time, Neon Software has released a Windows version of its LANsurveyor network mapping and management tool. LANsurveyor 7 for Windows is appropriate for IT managers at small and midsize enterprises, and my tests showed that the tool will likely help IT managers keep track of network changes.

Within minutes of installing the console and several Neon Responders, which are optional agents that provide much of the products utility, I was able to get basic inventory and status data on machines in the test network. Because I didnt have SNMP enabled in my Red Hat Linux systems, these servers initially showed up on the map as "unknown". However, after enabling SNMP, penguin icons started showing up on my maps.

There is a lot of room to grow in the $495 LANsurveyor 7, which started shipping last month. Future versions, due later this year, will likely include connectors to directories, company officials said. As it stands, I hand-entered information such as phone number and user name.

There are a number of choices in the low-end network management tool market, and my longtime favorite is Ipswitchs comparably priced WhatsUp Gold.

Neon Software can be reached at

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