Brio CEO to get aggressive

By eweek  |  Posted 2001-01-15

Dont be surprised to see a Brio Technology Inc. salesperson at your door. New President and CEO Craig Brennan said he will waste little time in trying to reverse the fortunes of the struggling business intelligence software company, and aggressive sales tactics will be a method to that end.

"One of the things our sales guys and others are telling me is that when we are in a deal, we win our fair share; the problem is, were not in enough deals," Brennan said. "We need more feet on the street."

Brennan, whose hiring was announced early this month by the Santa Clara, Calif., company, plans to rev Brios sales engines in three ways: by clarifying and simplifying the companys marketing message and aggressively marketing its value; developing the companys sales channels; and expanding its professional services offerings. The companys development efforts will be focused on building analytic applications for customer relationship management packages.

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