Datastream Asset Management Tools Get a Web Interface

By Renee Boucher Ferguson  |  Posted 2001-10-08

With 14 years of asset lifecycle management software development under its belt, Datastream Systems Inc. is entering the Internet Age.

The company on Monday announced its Datastream 7i Web-architected platform that enables customers to migrate their client-server-based applications to a Web-based platform, in either a hosted or in-house model.

The Datastream 7i product suite enables three types of users – maintenance planners and schedulers, purchasers and field engineers – to buy, track, manage and sell assets.

With the 7i platform enterprises can communicate to those groups in a number of ways. The new platform integrates with handheld device software allowing, for example, quick deployment of emergency work orders to field personnel. Likewise, a new Executive Dashboard allows information to be deployed from several locations for an comprehensive view of data, said Datastream officials.

The platform also integrates with Datastreams iProcure Network that allows companies to connect with suppliers and automate their industrial procurement through either a private or public network.

The iProcure Network, which has been available for three years, is integrated with Datastreams asset management products. The Greenville, S.C., company has about 400 customers on the iProcure Network – and about 40 integrated with suppliers in a private network.

The new platform is available in two flavors. 7i Standard allows for out-of-the-box data entry, and 7i Enterprise offers a more configurable approach. Pricing for the Standard platform runs about $3,500 per seat, while the Enterprise platform is priced at $7,000 per seat. Both are available now.

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