Job Board Sees Uptick in IT Listings

By Lisa Vaas  |  Posted 2002-05-07
ARLINGTON, Va.--The chronic drip-drip-drip of IT job losses has finally stabilized, said IT job board Dice Inc. President Scot Melland, here at the Information Technology Association of Americas IT Workforce Convocation.

Over the past four months, Dice has listed between 30,000 and 31,000 job openings. Thats not a lot, compared with the 100,000+ that the job board listed at the beginning of 2001, but its the first time over the past year that job-listing erosion on the site has halted and reversed. Indeed, 2001 was one steady slide down, to a low point of between 28,000 and 29,000 job listings in December, Melland said.

"The big news is that its stabilized," said Melland. "Hiring is going on. Having 31,000 positions, and having those positions turn over frequently, shows that weve hit core technology demand, and we can grow from there."

The figures back up the optimism about future hiring evinced by IT hiring managers in the ITAAs IT work force study, released Monday and titled "Bouncing Back: Jobs, Skills and the Continuing Demand for IT Workers." (To read about the reports findings, see "IT Work Force Contracts.")

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