Lets You See Some More ID

By Cameron Sturdevant  |  Posted 2001-04-02


Novell has come up with an interesting security technology in the latest version of its NMAS software, which lets IT managers decide how far users can get with various forms of identification.

I saw a demo of Novell Modular Authentication Service 2.0 when it was introduced at the companys annual BrainShare user conference last month. The update allows IT managers to set up "graded" access to network resources based on the quality of the identification authentication provided by the user.

For example, a user who provides a thumbprint along with a user name and a password could be granted greater access than someone who provides only a user name and a password.

NMAS 2.0 will be available May 31, when it will be beefed up with additional support for advanced X.509 digital certificates and support for software from all major PKI vendors.

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